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Dr. William Knudson's accreditations include certification as
a Diplomat of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.


Not all walking shoes, says podiatrist William Knudson, are good walking shoes. So when Cedar Rapids consumers go shopping for an athletic walking shoe, William Knudson shares a “check-list” of items to consider that he developed during his tenure in Cedar Rapids.

According to Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson, the Internet is a wonderful tool for searching out consumer feedback on different brands. While he would not name particular brands of shoes, former Cedar Rapids resident William Knudson noted that consumers online will honestly report how the shoe did and did not perform.

William Knudson has always stressed the importance of buying a shoe that fits. While this probably sounds like common sense, the reality is that many of his Cedar Rapids patients did not take into consideration the width and length of their feet. William Knudson, who spent many years in Cedar Rapids treating patients, would explain that if they purchased a shoe too large or too wide for the foot it could cause blisters. If there was not enough room in the toe box, a patient could develop bunions and other painful issues. “I would tell my patients in Cedar Rapids to always have the store measure each foot,” emphasized Dr. William Knudson. “Always try on a shoe before purchasing it!”

Arch support is critical, according to William Knudson. There are three basic types of arches, according to the podiatrist who recently relocated from Cedar Rapids. A walker either has a neutral, low, or high arched foot. William Knudson guided his Cedar Rapids patients to learn what style of arch their feet had. He said that it can be helpful to take an existing pair of walking shoes to a local shoe professional. William Knudson noted that shoe professionals in Cedar Rapids could look at the wear on the shoe and determine the type of arch a customer had.

Finally, William Knudson advised his Cedar Rapids patients about the importance of replacing shoes between 300 – 600 miles. In order to do that he pointed out that it is necessary to keep track of the walks and only use the walking shoes for walking. Former Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson explained that it is important to replace shoes to prevent potential injury. Occasionally William Knudson would see patients in Cedar Rapids purchasing walking shoes and neglect to include a breaking in time. This often caused pain to the foot as well. “Wear the shoes inside for awhile,” explained former Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson, “before wearing them on the track.”

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